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              While we generate power, we鈥檙e also working to conserve our natural resources

              At AEP, we have a long history of working with governments, conservation organizations and other utilities to reclaim land, restore wildlife habitats and offset greenhouse gas emissions in areas we've impacted through mining. We鈥檙e to share these reclaimed areas with you for recreation and enjoyment.

              Recreational areas

              Take advantage of these areas of fun and recreation!
              Some areas require a permit for use.

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              have a special interest? here鈥檚 what鈥檚 available





              Horseback Riding

              ReCreation Land Equine Trail Area
              3400 East State Route 78
              McConnelsville, Ohio 43756
              Conesville Coal Lands Equine Trail Area
              16506 TR 141
              Coshocton, Ohio 4381
              Southern Ohio Recreation Equine Trail Area
              30225 SR 124
              Langsville, Ohio 45741


              Hunting is allowed at many of our recreational areas, though a permit may be required. Check the individual area for more information.

              Are you a fishing or boating enthusiast?

              Get information on water levels that's updated every hour for river users near AEP's hydroelectric facilities.

              Learn more

              Learn More About Our Conservation Efforts

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              Falcon Cam

              Love bird watching? Check out our live Falcon cam and watch a family of falcons as they enjoy the splendors of life.

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