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              OPEN POSITIONS

              When you join AEP, you strengthen a force that makes the future of our communities stronger. More innovative. More resilient. More sustainable. Together with other skilled men and women from a variety of backgrounds, you make life鈥檚 necessities possible at the flip of a switch. Or the push of a button. Or, simply, the sound of a voice.

              Do you have skills in engineering, technical trades, finance, customer care, or in something that doesn鈥檛 fit neatly under a label? We鈥檝e got a place for you at AEP. Together, our energy to power brighter futures is boundless.

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              We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

              Life at AEP

              Together, we can make our communities brighter.

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              Be Rewarded

              Work at AEP will be among the most rewarding you will do in your career, in more ways than one. Along with challenging assignments and a generous paycheck, you鈥檒l be gratified by a unique assortment of benefits and perks that fit your life and help you make a difference.

              Live Balanced

              You have a life outside of work. We want to help you live it to the fullest by balancing the work/life priorities that matter to you.

              Be Your Best

              Your boundless energy can take you anywhere you want to go. Want to further your education, learn a new skill, and get certified for your dream position at AEP? We can help you get there.

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