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              We offer resources and guidelines to help our suppliers with submitting invoices. These resources can help you and your organization:

              • Receive timely, accurate invoice payments
              • Improve communications with AEP
              • Reduce the need for you to process sales tax on AEP transactions

              AEP Standardized Payment Terms

              AEP鈥檚 standard payment terms are Net 45-days, Terms of existing contracts and blanket purchase orders (PO) dated prior to August 1, 2012 will be honored through term of the agreement. Goods or services not included in the contract or blanket PO are subject to the Net 45-day payment term.

              Looking for More Ways to Pay?

              • Accelerated Payment
                We offer an accelerated payment program to suppliers wishing to expedite invoice payments and better manage the timing of their payments.
              • Electronic Payments
                Participation in electronic payments expedites the receipt of funds, eliminates lost/stolen checks, while also helping the environment. Currently, over 88% of payments are made electronically.


              Contact Accounts Payable

              Please e-mail our Accounts Payable Department at apayable@sckytsy.com or call 1-877-286-2729.

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